About Us

Welcome to the CELTIC STEPS School of Highland Dance. Scottish Highland Dancing offers the grace of ballet, while developing strength, body control and self-confidence. Suitable for boys and girls, 3 years and up!

CELTIC STEPS School of Highland Dance is located in Schomberg, Ontario and specializes in teaching traditional Scottish Highland Dancing. The studio is owned and operated by Christina Thomas, a Member with the Scottish Dance Teacher’s Alliance.

Our philosophy is hard work focusing on strong technique to the best of each individual dancer’s ability in a environment. All teachers are fully qualified with the S.D.T.A. and maintain their qualifications through attendance at conferences, workshops and through private tutoring.


The dancers are taught Traditional Highland and National dances which include the Highland Fling, Sword Dance, Sean Truibhas, Reel of Tulloch, Scottish Lilt and Flora MacDonald’s Fancy to name a few. They are also taught choreographies which reinforce technique and basic movements. These choreographies allow the dancers to develop an understanding of music appreciation by utilizing a variety of music styles with Celtic themes.


Medal examinations are provided each year which teach the dancer goal setting skills and advancement. They are also trained for individual competition and are involved in many performances throughout the community.

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